Excursions In and Around Sitabani Jungle and Spa Resort, Corbett

Safari Sitabani Jungle and Spa Resort Corbett


Exude to the wilderness with the Gypsy Safari, Book prior 10 to 15 days of your visit and explore the whole forest in open gypsy’s, watching the wild animals roaming around you with your naked eyes can be a stupendous experience you cannot express in words. You might also notice your goosebumps rising when the Tiger approaches near you. Carry your zoom lenses so you don’t miss a chance of checking out the wild beasts.

Bird Watching Sitabani Jungle and Spa Resort Corbett

Bird Watching

India is home to as many as 1200 species of birds (roughly 14% of the total known species), out of which 141 are endemic to this region. What’s even more astonishing is that, of the 27 Orders and 155 Families that bird life has been classified into, India has 20 Orders and 77 families. The reason for this richness of species is the climate, the diversity of vegetation as well as its wide altitudinal range, which extends from sea level to the Himalayas.

Nature Trails Sitabani Jungle and Spa Resort Corbett

Nature Trails

Scientists have been researching for better ways to relieve ones stress through natural ailments and one such change have been discovered as Shinrin-yoku, also known as “Forest Bathing.” In modern times it is known as the medicine for healing stress by just being in the forest. This was one of our objectives when we were creating this beautiful resort, apart from the leisure & family time one spends we also wanted to give them a place where they can forget stress, leave behind the concrete jungles which we call cities and be as close to the nature as one can be.

Children s Activities Sitabani Jungle and Spa Resort Corbett

Kid's Activities

You have kids with yourself? Fret not. We have specially designed trails for the short-footed ones near the resort where they can enjoy the aghast greenery, trek on the slopes which are high on adventure, fun, and safety.

Riverside Feast at Okhal Dunga Sitabani Jungle and Spa Resort Corbett

Riverside Feast at Okhal Dunga

One of the primes of the visit, this place is situated at 14-15 km from the resort and is a beauty you will cherish for a long time. Here you can have lunch on the banks of the Kosi River where the melody of the flowing water accompanied by the chirping of the birds will create a dreamy environment you haven’t seen before. Not everyone has the chance to try this amazing expedition.

Mini Outing to Pathkot Chopta Village Sitabani Jungle and Spa Resort Corbett

Mini outing to Pathkot & Chopta Village

Situated 5 km away from the resort, this village will offer you a perk experience. A soulful trip from the edge of the mountains and landscape views which will deepen in your memories for a longer-longer time. Don’t miss on the long-tailed langoors and monkeys on the way to Patkot Village, if you are lucky enough you might also say hello to the spotted deer family on the way. Just keep your eyes-wide-open. Enjoy having lunch in the middle of the forest, as well.