Relive your Jungle Book dreams at the Jim Corbett and the Sitabani Jungles

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Stay amid the forest in the Sitabani Jungle & SPA Resort, watch the migratory birds, be personal with the spotted deers, wave a friendly Hi to the herd of Elephant and if the Tigers in the mood you can catch a glimpse of them too.

Named after the hunter who was famous for killing the man-eaters in the mountains but then developed a kind of liking for them and worked for their conservation, Sir James Edward Corbett. This green paradise has a lot to offer. It boasts of a rich diversity in Flora & Fauna. If the idea of being like the Mowgli still fascinates you or the kids in your house have a weekend off, you can take them to this gem of a place and let them see the wildlife through their bare eyes. What’s next? A place to dwell in and your jungle ride is complemented by this beautiful place situated just between the Sitabani Jungles on the Jim Corbett landscapes.

What else do you get when you step in the beautiful, pious environment of the Jim Corbett National Park? Here you go;

Our raw Excursions;

Where the world comes to a pause.

You can wander in the Chopta Village, Pathkot Village and Okhal Dunga Village and enjoy the serene view apart from hiking and refresh your senses. All the excursions have something unique to mesmerize you like you can dine-in the woods in Chopta, have lunch on the banks of the river in Okhal Dunga and Pathkot.


Leave behind the concrete world.

You can enjoy the nature walk therapy in the forest and feel the pure environment recharging you from the inner side. Take a Yoga Mat with yourself and spot a place to meditate as there won’t be anyone to disturb you or voice to distract you.

Now coming to the Jungle Safari which is the perk of the whole trip. You have to book it prior 10 days before your journey and take the early morning slot. Why? As the wild animals roam the jungle in search of water in the morning and spotting an Elephant, Deer, Tiger or Leopard (Though leopards love to roam during the dark but who knows about the mood of the big cat?)


Bird Watching:

If you are a passionate bird watcher and know a thing or two about different bird species you are cordially welcome at the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve. As India is home to as many as 1200 species of birds (which counts roughly to 14% of the total known species), 141 of them are a part of this region. To raise your excitement level, all of the 27 Orders and 155 Families that bird life has been classified into, India has 20 Orders and 77 families. The reason being the climate, the diversity of vegetation and the wide altitudinal range that extends from sea level to the Himalayas.

Jungle Safari:

The ice on the cake of your trip is the Jungle Safari in the Jim Corbett National Park which provides you raw jungle experience where you exude to the wilderness in an open Gypsy and explores the whole forest, watching the wild animals roaming around you with your naked eyes can be a stupendous experience. You might also notice your Goosebumps rising when the Tiger approaches near you. Carry your zoom lenses so you don’t miss a chance of checking out the wild beasts.

To cater your and matching up your expectations the resort has some great things to offer and some of them are;

Pinewood Cottages:

Feel like living in a treehouse in the jungle.

Wooden Cottages with wooden flooring and wooden roofs topped with a mini-bar, 24 hours hot & cold water supply, electric kettle so you can make your own tea/coffee, private lawn and porch facing the resort with a balcony facing the dense Sitabani Jungles. What else do you need?

And in case you need your senses to settle down and sooth a bit. The SPA at the resort is available for you. Let your nerves ease down and escape the stress by entering a detoxicating session at our Chakra Spa.

Planning a trip to the Sitabani & Jim Corbett Jungles will be an adventurous and thrill-filled experience for you.

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