Eco - Therapy to Cure Depression and Anxieties

How often you read blogs and articles on improving your health by doing distinctive things and let’s be honest, how many times we all fizzle to follow that. Life is moving extremely fast and it is taking all of us along with it. Working all day and many of the times all night has now become a matter of survival for many of us and in order to follow that we’re kind of losing ourselves, aren’t we?

The anxieties, the pressure, the expectations, these are more close to people than any other thing and the sad part is that many of us do not realize how to take care of our body. Believe it or not, a human body is delicate and it reacts according to its surroundings, and the more you be in that intense and tensed zone, the more you are likely to harm your body.

We have been hearing and reading since years about how effective green vegetables and green drinks are for us. But do you know that being in a green surrounding even for a while can be 100% more effective than any other therapy? Many psychotherapists called it ‘Eco-therapy’, a kind of therapy that kills depression and anxieties and lessen your chances of getting any kind of ailment. What you need is to do is take some time off from your active life and spend time around nature. Nothing is better than sipping a cup of tea or coffee while gazing at nature.

Let Your Real Self Out

Don’t you just tired of being in that 9 to 5 zone and pretend like you’re fine. Well, if you are then for God’s sake pack your bags and leave all the responsibilities behind for a while and you will see the difference in you. Put your real self out there because you deserve it.

Heal Yourself

Many therapists stated that access to nature and green surroundings yields better body functioning, improves self-control and moreover enhances your mental health. On the other hand, not having a look at nature can result in the higher rates of anxiety disorders, and higher rates of clinical depression.

A Park is Not an Option

You must be thinking that if we want to look at greenery and nature then why not just roam around a park instead of spending cash on a trip. Well, that’s where you are completely wrong. A park is certainly not a substitute for any place in Uttarakhand. You just cannot compare both and definitely should think that it provides the same results. A place which is highly affected by pollution and dust can never be even 2% effective in comparison to a place that defines nature.

Planning a trip already?