Chopta Village : Where history still prevails

During your stay at the Sitabani Jungle & SPA Resort we will take you to one of our excursions, down the hillside in our off-roading sports utility vehicle and when the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) will take a steep right turn down the road you will wonder where are you going as there isn’t any road to be seen and will find tall oak trees growing denser and denser. When you peep through the dashboard to have a look at the road you don’t find a ROAD, Yes, there isn’t a concrete road but TRAILS leaving dust and potholes bumping your SUV which is effortlessly ramming the stones sideways. That’s when you think, are you on the right track?

After 5-10 minutes of a bumpy yet adventurous ride, your SUV comes across a stream. There is less water but enough to dip your car tyres half into it. The rocks when meeting the tyres tend you to hold the side handle rails or else you will hit your head hard on your partner. *Sheer off-roading experience.*

Suddenly you see that the bumpy ride comes to end when your car stops on a green plain. On the left there are the dense oak trees touching infinity and you need an age to uncover them all, on the right you see the village Chopta along with few houses and a mountain peak meeting the sky some 20 kms away from the village which is still visible, on the front you can see an elementary school which is rusted but still the name is readable and at the back you see a PAWAN CHAKKI, after a bit of investigation you get to know that this PAWAN CHAKKI dates back to the British Era and when you enquire about it you are stunned on knowing that this PAWAN CHAKKI is still functioning.

But that will never reduce your excitement. Till you munch your lunch near the oak trees and question some raw things about the jungles with the locales you hear stories like leopard spotting, tiger spotting, elephant and other wild animals spotting who wander here in search of food or water.

The Chopta Village also has some ruins of a Pandava Temple that dates back to the Mahabharata Era. It is said that during their exile the Pandavas stayed here for a brief period of time.

P.S: Chopta Village hasn’t seen electricity since independence.

The Sitabani Jungles has many such stories dug up and in order to unveil this one needs to visit this paradise set up on the landscapes of Jim Corbett National Park.
Plan a trip to the Sitabani & Jim Corbett Jungles for an adventurous and thrill-filled jungle experience for you and your family.

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