A Paradise Amid Pristine Green Lands

A prolonged heartiness greeting from the land of Tigers, keep the ebb and flow of life, hustle & chaos of the concrete world at bay and welcome your soul to the Sitabani Jungle & SPA Resort. Set in the heart of the wild & densely forested Sitabani National Reserve on the Corbett Landscapes. This idyll place on the planet will transcend you to a different horizon, it’s like you have finally escaped to your personal hideaway. There is the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve on the outer skirts of the resort which is one such place for the passionate and hardcore birdwatchers, spread widely in an area of 49.41 sq. km. You can peep through the lives of the wild animals, but do let them maintain their privacy. The region is nourished by Kosi, Dabka and Baur Rivers. A place which has no niche preferences opens its warm greetings to wildlife lovers, photographers, weekenders and anyone who wants to be close to nature. The beautiful ecosystem of the Sitabani hosts a rich diversity of flora & fauna, including the mighty Tiger, Wild Bull Elephant. Witness the unfolding beauty of nature, covered by the Shivalik Mountain Ranges of Nainital, it is surrounded by peaceful villages with their sparkling paddy fields, wild brooks, and Sal Forest. The resort is conveniently located for visits to the Sitabani Forest Range.